Professional Training

Customized Professional Training: CSEC & Human Trafficking Awareness 101 or Advanced Engagement Training

Teacher Training, LA County Learn 4 Life
Teacher Training, LA County Learn 4 Life (In partnership with Runaway Girl, FPC)

Key Audiences: Teachers, Social Workers, Law Enforcement, Health Care  Professionals, Concerned Community Members. Training topics can be customized to meet audience needs.  Suggested topics include:

  • Legal definitions, statistics and policies concerning sex trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation of a child (CSEC)
  • Current trends in recruitment, grooming and entrapment
  • Signs of recruiting/grooming
  • Signs of trafficking
  • Case studies and survivor stories
  • Pop youth media’s role in glamorizing stripping, pimping and prostitution
  • Who to call and what to do if you suspect trafficking
  • Psychological coercion and mind control (why victims sometimes “choose” to stay)
  • How to build rapport and interact with suspected victims of sex trafficking (what to say and how to say it)

Training Evaluations:
-Sex Trafficking & CSEC 101: (read participant evaluations 2015) (read participant evaluations 2017) (social services participant evaluations 2017)

-Advanced Sex Trafficking & CSEC Response: (read participant evaluations) (read more participant evaluations)

Read more evaluations

Past audiences include teenagers, parent groups, law enforcement, non-profit organizations, medical professionals, college students, news outlets and more.

Here are some of the topics we cover:

  • Global, national and local statistics on trafficking
  • What makes youth most vulnerability to trafficking?
  • Signs of grooming and victimization
  • What every parent can do to help keep their child safe
  • Ways to get involved in the anti-trafficking fight
  • Rachel’s story and other survivor stories
  • Common types of traffickers and their strategies, including the CEO Pimp
  • The media’s glamorization of promiscuity, stripping, pimping and prostitution
  • Legal definitions and policies concerning commercial sexual exploitation of a child (CSEC)
  • Psychological effects of “the life” on victims, including trauma bonds
  • Coercion and mind control in trafficking
  • Best practices for interacting with victims

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Sowers has reached over 100,000 live audience members and millions more through media.  Here are some of the places we’ve sown:

Government, Social Service & Law Enforcement Training
Congressman Ed Royce’s Human Trafficking Congressional Advising Committee Meeting (Brea, CA)
LA County Probation Department Survivor Youth Empowerment Conference, 2013 & 2014 (Angelus Oaks, CA)
West Valley Police Department (Los Angeles, CA)
Maryvale Orphanage (Rosemead, CA) (read letter of recommendation from Maryvale)
JRIC (Joint Regional Intelligence Center) Conference (Oxnard, CA & Whittier, CA)
ILGIA (International Latino Gang Investigators Association) Conference (Las Vegas, NV & Yuma, AZ) (see event photos)
County Welfare Directors Association National Conference (Sacramento, CA)
Runaway Girl Human Trafficking Awareness Conference with Carissa Phelps (Yorba Linda, CA)
David & Margaret Youth and Family Services (La Verne, CA)
YWCA-GLA Sexual Assault Crisis Hotline Volunteer Certification Training (Long Beach, CA) (read participant evaluations)
Arcadia Methodist Hospital (Arcadia, CA)
LA County Board of Supervisors, testimony to support Sup. Ridley-Thomas & Sup. Knabe’s motion to require trafficking awareness training for all foster care parents and staff (see article)
Domestic Violence Coordinating Council of Monterey County (Salinas, CA)
National Staff Development and Training Association Conference 2014 (Louisville, Kentucky)
Merced County Awareness Event (Merced, CA)
LAUSD/LAPD Violence Prevention Conference (Long Beach, CA)
Regional CSEC Awareness Convening for Public Child Welfare Agencies, Bay Area Academy (Oakland, CA)
CSEC 101: Identification and Awareness Training for Social Workers, Foster Parents, CWS workers (multiple counties contracted through Bay Area Academy, Central California Training Academy, San Diego State University, Sowers Education Group) (read participant evaluations 2015) (read participant evaluations 2017) (social services participant evaluations 2017) (read participant evaluations 2018)
CSEC 102: Engaging & Serving Children & Youth (multiple counties contracted through Bay Area Academy, Central California Training Academy, San Diego State University, Nola Brantley Speaks! and Survivors Speak)
Advanced CSEC Response Training (multiple counties contracted through Sowers Education Group) (read participant evaluations 2017) (read participant evaluations 2018)
Hillsides Foster Care Home (Pasadena, CA) (read participant evaluations)
Children’s Assessment Center (Houston, TX) (see event photos)
Casa De Amparo Crystal Ball Gala (Del Mar, CA) (see event photos)
North Carolina Children’s Advocacy Center Annual Symposium (Lake Junaluska, NC)
Monarch Services (Watsonville, CA)
Women’s Center- Youth and Family Services (Stockton, CA)
CASA National Conference (Atlanta, GA)
Lad Lake (Multiple Counties, Wisconsin)
Stand Strong (San Luis Obispo)
The Florence Crittenton Agency Annual Stakeholders Meeting (Knoxville, TN)
Coalition to End Sexual Exploitation Global Summit, NCOSE  CESE Summit (virtual, 2020)
TNOYS Conference (virtual, 2020)
NTSA National Trafficking Sheltered Alliance (virtual, 2020)